I guess all the good names were taken from this idiot rapper. Middle name is "get".

I mean I'll admit he has some good songs, just his beef with T.I. just made him lose any and all credibility this guy had. T.I. ain't from Bankhead? OK, but respect him, he put it on the map for you so be grateful.

It's probably because of that beef that nobody really wants to do songs with him. Usually only does tracks with Gucci Mane (beefing with young jeezy, T.I.'s homie), Rich boy, and rocko.
Shawty lo... had a future in rap until his beef with T.I. Next time he'll know to pick his battles.
by Raw Doggy April 09, 2010
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person1:that shawty lo kid say he dunn dunn it all...bullshit.
person2:you heard about shawty lo beefin with t.i.
by sexybaybay May 26, 2008
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Shawty Lo is a phrase that can be used to depict just about anything that has some gangster ass meaning ranging from getting some dap, kicking a dog, playin dice, and humping a bunny.
by TheRealShawtyLo October 11, 2010
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real dope rapper. he made a song called dey know which was a big hit. especially in da south. he has a album called units in da city. he is from bankhead. he loves his hatas. he thinks that success comes grom hatas. which it does. shawty lo is one of da dopest rapper alive.
shawty lo got paper.
by t money baby May 02, 2008
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