daque shawn didn't ask. daque shawn is in da hood, so he don't care anymore.
daque shawn is in da hood part of irish mafia
by relevationslrf February 24, 2022
“Shawn Skinner” is the act of smacking back 10 beers before eating the Holy Ghost out of a girls ass
John- hey dan did u do a Shawn Skinner last night

Dan- yeah I was hamsauced last night and her ass was looking juicy

John- solid
by Dawgpoo February 8, 2019
Shawn Cee is a popular YouTuber who reviews and commentates on music, particularly hip-hop and RnB. Shawn has amassed over 800,000 subscribers across all three of his YouTube channels (Shawn Cee, ShawnCEENA, and Shawn Ceenima).
“Dude, I wish Shawn Cee would just finally drop his RnB album.”
by YT: Bar4Bar May 13, 2021
A sweet loving teddy bear. He might seem scary. But on the inside he's just a little softy. He always smells of fresh linen. He likes football and knows how to tackle.
I am having a Shawn Weaver day
by PB taco January 18, 2019
hottest boy in the world🔥
taylor swift loml💅
gurl 1: omg its shawn ho
girl 2: faints of hotness
by taylor swift loml June 24, 2021