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A "shavani" is also known as the well-liked person. A Shavani can be weird at sometime but is still loved by her friends and family. She is also the most funniest among her friends. She is the teacher's pet and she has a love for music. She is amazing in sports too.
person 1: wow! who is this girl?She is really good in sports and playing the guitar
person 2:she's a shavani!
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by riverdale and teen wolf May 03, 2017
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Female mustache; visible hair on a ladies upper lip;
If you are a woman and the small hairs on your upper lip is visible, then you have a shavani.
by Taylor Woo May 04, 2006
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lesbian that likes alot of women to mate with. 1991 corner prostitute that does everything for a piece of cheese and kiwi and completley sarcastic. Will do super blumpkins for free
that girl is so shavani, just look at her with Celeste
by AnonymousRed October 19, 2010
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