The special day of the week in which the Shaturday Night Bandits (SNB's) leave unsuspecting victims bags of horseshat.
Yes! Today is finally Shaturday! Let's get that bitch from English class back for making fun of us!
by SNB 1-8 December 09, 2008
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noun | Shat-ur-day | \'sha - tərr - dā\

The act of imbibing alcohol for the duration of a Saturday, beginning late morning and extending through brunch, afternoon, and into late evening. Pronunciation is similar to "Saturday" (day of the week), but to include the sh sound indicating an appreciable level of boozery and subsequent degradation of motor skills.
Handy Jobe: "What happened to your knee?"
Smellvira: "We bar-hopped the boardwalk after brunch."
Handy Jobe: "Sounds like a well-spent Shaturday."
by Deertay July 16, 2018
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