In its most basic sense, it means pushing through a crowd.
But it is also used for a more metaphorical sense. E.g. for people who don't mind pushing other people out of the way or stepping on others to get what they want.
In other words, it means to be aggressive or ambitious, usually at the expense of others.
Young employees have sharp elbows these days. They dream more about management positions and high salaries than their older colleagues.
by Muskar April 5, 2015
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1. to push somebody out of the way
2. to push your way through a crowd
1. Sarah sharp elbowed Susan when she was in the way of her talking to her boyfriend, Fred.
2. Jared sharp elbowed his way through the crowd in order to get through
by Sesej December 3, 2010
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When someone's elbows are sharper than the average person's elbows.
Aw man, my sharp elbows tore my shirt for the fourth time!
by Riotouscrow March 27, 2013
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