A Dreamworks movie about a fish who tries to look hip and trendy, but is actually a homeless boy from a car wash. He kills a shark from a gang and then gets screwed over with a female fish. Also a shark (vegetarian) starts living with him. Also has the BEST and CRISPIEST animation on our planet Earth.
Person 1: Ay yo you seen Shark Tale
Person 2: No why?
Person 1: The animation is beautiful

Person 2: No
by Gay Meerkat July 18, 2018
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An amazing film made by Dreamworks. It follows the epic and true saga of Will Smith fish. It has top notch animation and has amazing characters. Martin Scorsese even plays one of the characters
“You wanna watch Shark Tale-“
by writer Dino August 31, 2022
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A ridiculously fictitious telling of a story. Usually told by a g sherm of some sort. the telling of this story must occur in the least sensible of all possible settings and must annoy the listener(s) beyond all sanity. a shark tale would could be something like: "This Italian dude I chill with back home was surfing once, and he got eaten by a shark. The thing swallowed him whole up to his waist so he pulled on its gills and it spit him back out."
Oh man, that g sherm just told me the biggest shark tale. What a stupid little g sherm
by bwaller January 29, 2007
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