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Crazy. Full of life! Funny and outgoing, cherishes her friends and family! Body is 10/10, extremely caring and puts everyone first! Can be shy at times! But always lit to be around
Sharice is lit!
by Dragg June 1, 2020
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Big Ghetto Booty! Extremly Ghetto haha jk not that ghetto. Loved by plenty Hated by many. Great Dancer always hittin tha partys. Got lots of HATERS but she don't care what they think cause she got a grate man and they cant take her happiness away from her.
Booty HATERS partys Sharice
by Crystal Sky Holdanburgs June 8, 2011
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The act of spilling on oneself
I was drinking my epic bulking smoothie packed with lots of drugs and other cool shit when I tripped and shariced . Now I have to change my clothes. I tend to sharice myself at least once a week, which is why I always have a spare outfit in my workspace.
by rjmcc01 March 24, 2017
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I asked for the Kween, knowing Sharic will be here soon.
by Elitekween November 23, 2021
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