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A person who has an unheathly obsession with lying.
Vlad is such a lying share pro. He says my mother left me because I touch myself at night.
by Yuri April 24, 2005
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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I haven't gone to Jenin to track down earthstation 5, as that has been done and proved to be an useless adventure. But "word" has it Sharepro's hate for the Riaa and mpaa is due to a recently uncovered court documents which shed light on why "Sharepro" wants to get back at the record and movie industry. It appears Sharepro and Bill Gates have more in common then you might have thought. Both, although computer geeks are more intune with talking to their computers then to people.Who knows if Sharepro hadn't been crossing the street that day he might have used his energy to build an empire like Bill. Sharepro's future was derailed when the vehicle driven by a record executive in a hurry for a meeting with movie and promotional suits for his latest musical movie project. This was the turning point for Sharepro who now rests in his private hospital suite paralyzed from the waist down. Sharepro has spent just a small portion of his legal award to launch his plan to ruin the media entertainment industry for their part in making him lose the use of his legs. It is said that Sharepro who was a consultant to the Columbia super computer project has vowed to stick a knife into the head of the media giants. His penthouse suite, in a private hospital in as yet to be undiscovered location has been remodeled costing over 7 1/2 million dollars in computer gadetry a mere pittance of his accident settlement. The Columbia supercomputer was named after the shuttle that exploded upon takeoff just as the crew was given ok to go for throttle up. It is rumored that Sharepro's computers are under contract to be a back-up for the super computer should there be any power loss or terrorist stike against the building that houses the new Columbia super computer. More news as it comes in will be posted...........
Sharepro is the most well known, well respected......hmmm-well lets just stick with well known p2p file sharing person.
by slicktom March 06, 2005
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