Sharare is "Khoshgele khoshgela", eternal princess, sooo hot and intelligent.
Bazam Sharare, delaro divoone karde,
Mamanesh moohasho, aroosaki shoone karde
by Young sheli November 25, 2021
The perfect one you can find. Period. That's it.
He is Sharar
by nalsbsko November 24, 2021
The kind of guy who's gonna light up your world, even though he doesn't realize that he's capable of doing so. He's funny, amazing and super cute. He has a beautiful face, which will make your heart happy everytime you look at him. He usually does not realize his self worth, and the impact he has on everyone's life, but little does he know that every person in his life is grateful to God for sending someone like Sharar to this world. He has the cutest smile, and an amazing sense of humour - you'll never be bored when you're with him!

He is loved and admired by everyone; his family and friends. His entire existence is to die for, and being with him, will make your problems disappear. He's just like magic. So beautiful, so perfect. He always brings happiness and love to everyone's life. He's literally like an angel.
You're so Sharar!
Damn, I wish I was like Sharar.
Sharar is such an amazing person!

Move bitch, you can't be like Sharar at all! He's one in a million.
by phoenixdrums November 22, 2021
An absolute sweetheart. Loved by his friends, family and his partner. He is an amazing person, and deserves everything in this world.
I wish I was Sharar!
- move bitch, you can never be sharar!
by phoenixdrums November 24, 2021