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Amazing, Pretty, Smart, Funny, Talented, Outgoing, Fashionable, Random, Skinny, Sensitive, Loveable, and just amazing. (:

Has the best friends in the world!

Everyone loves her. <3
Shanzeh is amazing.
by Tazzah April 05, 2011
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The most beautiful, kind, innocent, blind, delicate, refined, perfect, precious, dear, adorable, gorgeous, stunning, smart, funny, sweet, cute, crazy, pretty, strong, amazing, energetic, fascinating, forgiving, heavenly, incredible, intelligent, joyous, lively, lovely, royal, noble, outstanding, optimistic, phenomenal, radiant, special, wonderful, warm-hearted, enrapturing, enamoring, captivating, ravishing, alluring, enticing, youthful, beloved girl in the universe. The amazing part about this word is that you are NOT allowed to use it in an exaggerated context, strictly when you actually mean it. Words give them injustice, the entire dictionary included. They say "a picture is worth a thousand words." When Shanzeh is in one, the picture becomes worth a million words. Don't believe that? Look at Shanzeh yourself. Right, I was correct.
Shanzeh is such an angel.
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