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A sweet girl, really nice and innocent (when she wants to). She also is the definition of dork. Smart and clever. She’s super shy at first but when she’s comfortable with you, you’ll have the funniest adventures with her. Really good listener and friend. Honest , she will never talk bad about you behind your back. The kind of friend that’ll do anything to have fun and embarrass herself and her friends ( like stupid jokes or talking to random people, nothing mean) to have a good time. Teacher’s pet.She legitimately loves Art in whole other fucking level. Music is her jam. She truly believes in her beliefs. Perfect at ignoring people and act like it doesn’t matter. Don’t do her wrong.
That Shanett girl is so dorky.
Shanett is a truu-u-u-uuuue friend, she’ll be there till the end.
by I ain’t your mama September 19, 2019
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