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Main Entry: sham·wa·sted
Pronunciation: \,sham-way-stəd\
Function: verb
Date: early 2009
1. the act of being shitfaced, hammered and wasted at all the same time;
specifically : the act of being so inebriated you don't remember anything from the previous night even if provoked
Last night at the bar we were beyond shitfaced we were shamwasted!! We got so shamwasted, we woke up with a bear skin rug, fresh bear meat, a bear head in the shower and we were all wearing Cosby sweaters.. and we live two hours from any sort of wilderness!!
by shelbonics November 13, 2009
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where your liver soaks up all the alcohol you consume, resulting in severe intoxication and/or a severe morning hangover
i was so shamwasted last night i cannot stop throwing up.
i am so shamwasted.
you are so shamwasted
by theskinniest June 16, 2010
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