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She is shy but still funny, kinda lazy, and VERY loving. she will have your back through thick and thin. When shes in a bad mood she will keep it to herself and not blame her emotions on anyone else. She is serious about relationships and she does NOT play games. if she fucks with you your automatically her ride or die. She is a bit shy however, she'll only speak if she is spoken to by someone or if she needs something. She ADMIRES food and often is pregnant with a little food baby.

You'll never catch her with a boyfriend who cheats that is a WHOLE no for shamareya she has an eye for cheaters and if she spots one she'll go the complete opposite direction.
hey how do you say that girls name

I think its shamar then reya put together

oh cool " shamareya "
by xxbruhitzcalixx June 02, 2018
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