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A smart, intelligent, handsome boy, who although has mad potential does not see it in himself. He loves people, and people love him. Popularity is an easy achievement for a Shallen. He is very tall as well, with no intention of getting any smaller. A Shallen can basically talk to any girl with no problem, and has a soft spot for people who have great taste in music, clothing, and all around world views. A Shallen has aspirations such as becoming a musician, studio artist, photographer, or all of the above. Shallen's can become very jealous, very easily. He is very good at giving hugs, and being a sexy beast. Having a Shallen in your life makes you probably the coolest person alive.
"Do you see the guy over there?"
"No, what does he look like?"
"The one who's tall, has silky hair, and looks all around amazing."
"Oh! yeah! He's probably a total Shallen."
by Leon Pomegranate July 10, 2011
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J: Hey, bro. Isn't that that dumb slore-skeeze Shallen Makotsi that was telling you she loved you even though she had just let another dude cake her vaginal walls with his nut the very day y'all started talking. Unbeknownst to you, of course.

Me: Yeah, man. It's amazing what you learn off social media. It's all good, though. Because what goes around, shonuff comes around. And I'd bet any amount of money that her African Wall Street baby daddy gon' leave her for a blonde Becky secretary one of these days. Have another baby you third-world quim. That way it sucks even worse for you when that happens. Urban dictionary why can't I talk about this whore I knew? I see stuff like this on here all the time
by manytimesasteddyrileysaidyepye November 16, 2019
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