I live in Tamil nadu, south part of india. here in India there are many lanuages in that the traditional lanuage is sanskrit.
In sanskrit Shalaka means "strong like the mountain peak" and the other importan meaning is "one of the name of Godess Shakti(Godess of Power) in hinduism.
I named my elder daughter SHALAKA, so that she will be strong like the mountain peak and win in this man's world.
by mittanamalli February 10, 2010
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1. Slang for totally cool, this rules or "Hey, check out this cool thing I just did!".

2. A word that sounds really cool when you say it properly.

3. Used to describe a female that likes something very much. (Normally sexual in nature)

4. A way to express one's own accomplishment.

ex 1. SHALAKA!

ex 2. SHALAKA...

ex 3. Shalaka my wang.

by KingBad June 26, 2006
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1980's hip hop slang term possibly now defunct. refers to a girl with big feet.
she has a pair of shalakas on her, mannn
by Emperor Xist February 01, 2006
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