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Shaimaa is one of the sweetest strongest girls alive. She is a girl that will love you more than life and cherish every moment she has with you. She will always put herself before you and always go out of her way to make sure she sees a smile on her face. Her kisses are just to die for and her hugs provide warmth and comfort, she is the most beautifulest girl on the planet and her eyes alone are those of pearls. Everything from her head to her feet is worth a million lifetimes. She is a true goddess. That is why she is my girlfriend I love you Shaimaa <3
Shaimaa is a radiant goddess who's beauty is incomparable to others.
by TacoboyFTW March 12, 2017
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Shaimaa is a girl that loves people and show them her love and then will ignore them . Shaimaa has a nice ,sweet heart , she is smart . But doesnt like to study.if somebody has a friend called shiamaa be careful not to loose her
Shaimaa,Proud of her self never selfish
by jammmal December 27, 2013
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Shaimaa is the type of girl to make sure everyone’s got food on their plate even if it means she doesn’t . She’s good to a fault meaning she puts others wellbeing and needs before even thinking of hers. She has a kind heart but Is easy to take for granted because of her good heart. Although she is beautiful and good her bad side is not one to enjoy being on but it’s very hard to get the in the first place. If you have a Shaimaa in your life be grateful and be careful not to lose her you won’t find someone that puts your priorities over there own .
Shaimaa the name comes from the prophets foster sister it’s no surprise she’s got a beautiful heart
by Name dictionaryyy October 07, 2019
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