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Shabina can be quite dirty minded when she has to , to make her friends laugh . She is very beautiful and very loyal to anyone... But she never backs down when shes in a fight . Shabinas best feature is her long hair which she messes around with to also make her friend laugh . No one is more funnier than a shabina
Toby: whos that pretty girl messing around

Jeff : oh its shabina shes so funny but cute :3
by Arianabunzie May 14, 2015
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Shabina means a true lover. Honesty and loyalty is where she stand for in a relationship. Shabina's are very beautifull lady's. There is no one sexier than a Shabina. If you have her than hold her thight to you because you'll never find anyone else as good as Shabina. The best partner of a Shabina is a Vishal. Thogheter they can fight the whole world. Sex combination with a Shabina & Vishal is the best sex combination for each other.
Shabina; beautiful/honest/sexy/loyal/sweet/smart/sexgod
by Vishal92 September 20, 2013
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