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ShMoZe is one of the best Halo 2 professional gamers to ever live. Joe Palmer, commonly referred to as "ShMoZe", played on the MLG Tour for 2 consecutive years, tearing apart the entire competition. He became known for having the world's fastest "Double-Shot", and for his Halo 2 Lessons website, "TheLessonsLive". ShMoZe was born in Westlake, OH, but is now believed to be living somewhere near Detroit, MI. His Lessons-Live website became huge because of the low prices, and quality experience. ShMoZe played using the "Claw" style of holding the controller, similar to MLG's Walshy. His first montage, titled "The Quadtage", was viewed by many as a fake/fraud. The viewers flamed his montage believing that it was all a scam, but they couldn't have been farther from the truth. The Quadtage arguably was the greatest Halo 2 footage to ever be recorded/edited. The website does not seem to be under comission anymore, but the legend lives on. You can check it out at ShMoZe us rarely on Xbox Live anymore, but those who have seen him play attest to say that, "He's still go it."
"Dude i was ownin' so badly yester at Halo. I felt like i was ShMoZe."
by Jason Ellington May 28, 2008
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