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Verb or Noun, referring to a situation in which Gay men or Lesbians are blamed for something for which they were not responsible, but invoked as "bogeymen".

Mix of "scapegoat" and "gay".
The April 1989 explosion on a turret of the battleship USS Iowa -- killing 47 sailors -- was initially blamed on a hypothetical same-sex on-board romantic liaison, in order to deflect blame from the real cause, which was the institutional use of faulty munitions-handling processes. The US Navy was eventually forced to apologize to the family of the soldier "scapegoated as being gay", since:
(a) he was not gay
(b) he was in no way responsible for the explosion.

Many arguments are made against the admission of gays and lesbians into the US military. The USS Iowa "sgaypegoating" was a low point by any measure.
by yann2 August 31, 2009
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