The greatest webcomic ever created. The author, known only as Hard, creates characters with abnormal mental or physical issues, such as necrophilism, the inability to get a date with a porn star, or being unable to suppress auto-erotic urges.
Luis: Ha-ha! I love Sexy Losers!
Davo: Yeah, Hard is the best! Ha-ha!
by HugeBreasticle March 17, 2005
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1. By many standards, a sexually attractive person. But due too one or more generally unnatural fetishes and habits, is not accepted or understood (or liked) unanomously by the populous.
<see necropheliac, incestual, chronic masturbater, concensual deficator, etc.>
2. A comical and pornographic comic strip filled with characters matching the description in def. #1.
1. "Melissa? Dude, she likes to make guys eat her shit!"/"Man, that melissa is one sexy loser."
2. (opinion)- Wow! Sexy Losers is the funniest fucking comic ever! ... And the writer is almost certainly going straight to hell! That sick fucking genius bastard, shooting suck in reprisal!
by Supermanchild January 3, 2004
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