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The ideology of one shamelessly and often satisfying their sexual needs and desires without the burden of guilt or the judgment of established morally-correct societal mores. One who, when horny, has no qualms finding someone(s) to break him/her off proper - preferably many, many times over! This applies equally to women as it does men, and often, the gender of the sexual partner is moot as long as orgasm is achieved. There is usually mutual sexual desire/tension and neither party has expectations of future encounters, though should they present themselves, they are rarely declined.
"I invited a friend from Northern Cali to dinner tonight. She's single and hasn't dated in several months. Know anyone I might be able to introduce her to while she's here?" "

"So you are you saying she's, err, sexually liberated and wouldn't be put off by a one night stand set up?"

"No, that's actually how she prefers her sexual encounters; hit it, quit it, love it and never look back!"
by Sophie Baines May 29, 2011
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The freedom to partake in sexual activities with whom ever you choose. Without discrimination or labelling.

A euphemism for labels such as: 'slut', 'hoe', 'easy'.

Noun: sexual liberation
Wow did you hear who many people Jessica had sex with? She's really sexually liberated.
by SLgirl January 10, 2015
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