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A combination the word sexuality, meaning a person's sexual orientation or preference, and the suffix -ism, meaning doctrine, condition, or characteristic. Many think sexualitism should be used in place of what is now known as homophobia.

The use of the term homophobia is incorrect when used to describe a person that hates homosexual people. Homophobia literally means "fear of homosexual people," whereas sexualitism describes the unwarranted, bigoted hatred many ignorant people today feel toward homosexual, bisexual, transexual, and other individuals of abnormal sexuality.

The use of the terms sexualitism and sexualitist rather than the term homophobia takes the hatred of homosexual people out of the realm of mental disease and in to the same category as such abhorred mindsets as racism and sexism.
Example 1:

Bus rider #1: You know, those fucking homos tryna get up in our schools and corrupt the minds of our children. We need to send them back to hell, where they belong. You with me?

Bus Rider #2: What the hell? Who are you? You are by far the most sexualitist person I have ever encountered. You should be illegal. I don't care if we're on a bus; talk to me again and I'll punch you in the face.

Example 2:

Acting upon racism, sexism, ageism, classism, sexualitism, or any other similarly abhorrent mindset will not be tolerated in this workplace and will be heavily sanctioned.
by Intothemoooooon November 10, 2010
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