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Making a sex-sacrifice.
Having intercourse when you don't really feel like it, just to maintain domestic peace with your partner.
"I can't believe I'm still married to this man. we barely even talk anymore, yet he still expects me to sexrifice".

"I was dead-tired when we got home last night, but my girlfriend was horny as hell. I had to sexrifice".
by dandy d January 31, 2012
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To Sacrifice oneself for the greater good by performing any type of Sex.
Lancelot Sexrificed himself with Guinevere, so that King Arthur could go looking for The Holy Grail.
by Dazbogdan February 26, 2013
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The sacrifice of sex for something else, usually for something totally lame.
Employee: I made a serious sexrifice to be at work today.
Boss: Who are you kidding Andrew, you never get laid.
by Gong Daddy September 27, 2013
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