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The place on official forms where you fill out your sexual preferences.
The employment application didn't have enough choices for my sexnicity: straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, or other. I wasn't sure what to put for male goats, so I selected gay and other.
by PermanentHarassmentZone October 06, 2011
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A portmanteau of the words sexy and ethnicity used to describe an undefinable trait of women of exotic origins and exotic genetic mixes who define conventional explanation. Who possess a je ne sais quoi. Often measured in terms of spice as compared to the local cuisine.
That girl's part thai and lataina, wow, she has that sexnicity. i.e. Padma Lakshmi
by beachnut January 28, 2010
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Adjective. Something very visually, sonically, and stimulatory appealing.
She played the guitar and loved the sound immediately. "Sexnicity" she said to herself.

He drove his new car and loved the way it drove and turned to his friend and said "sexnicity!"
by Steve Vai00 October 17, 2009
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