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Pertaining to a pristine example of the sixth and seventh generation Cadillac Eldorado convertible (1967-70 and 1971-78, respectively). While not as ostentatious and avant-garde as previous iterations of the moniker, it represents the high-water mark of American exceptionalism, immediately preceding the stylistic nadir of the 1980s, a.k.a. the Shitillac". Passengers in this vehicle are purported to have experienced misplacement/soiling of undergarments, abandonment of inhibitions and spontaneous moments of pregnancy.
1. Damn, Sheila, who's that tall drink of water drivin' that dope ass Sexillac?
-Girl, haven't you heard? He goes by the name Kowalski. Word on the street is he's the Polish Wilt Chamberlain!
2. "Every time that sweet Sexillac comes to town, all the fine hoes be gettin' on down"

from the song "Eldorotic" by J-Dog and the West Side Hustlers.
by westsidehustlers January 10, 2017
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