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Junky POS car that gangsta wannabee's ride around in, not realizing what is obvious to others.
by Ken Gman March 05, 2008
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An ill-regarded automobile that is representative of a creative low point in Cadillac's history (approximately 1982-1988). In an attempt to compete with its more compact European rivals, some genius at General Motors decided to take a piece of shit Chevy Cavalier with an anemic straight 4 cylinder and call it a Caddy. A shameful example of badge engineering, the Cimarron was one of the worst commercial flops since New Coke and Sarah Palin.
1. If you wanna get with me, get your broke ass out that Shitillac and step up to an Escalade, bitch.

2. Look at that played out muthafucka rollin' around in that Shitillac. He ain't seen no pussy since he came out his momma's hole.
by westsidehustlers January 10, 2017
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