I don't have one because I am a loner

Just like the people reading this

Sorry for your disappointment
I don't have a sex story Because I am lonely.
by Hogsbreath101 July 23, 2019
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Ivy, a petite girl with huge tits, hands Emma, her sexy blonde friend a vibrator. She hesitates, but then hears the teachers footsteps and has no choice but to insert the cold metal into her pussy with a small gasp. Ivy slips it into her pussy, then turns it on. Both girls clench their thighs and moan under their breath as they feel their pussy become wet. The vibrator massages their clit and a few minutes into the class, they can’t hold back and erupt into loud moaning and shaking. The hot teacher walks over to their table, and bangs his hands on the desk, grabbing the remote and with an evil grin that only the girls can see & presses the highest setting. “FUCKKK!! AHHHH...FUCK-”
“You are staying with me! Class dismissed!” He shouts.
“I think you naughty girls deserve a punishment!” He rips Ivy’s bra off, cupping her huge boobs and pinching her nipple while she moans. “Mmm, yesss. Ahhh! M-more!” He bends Emma over the desk and spanks her while she rubs her friends clit, the vibrator still going. He slides his huge, erect cock into Emma’s tight pussy and fucks her, watching her tits bounce while Emma eats Ivy’s pussy. “AHH! Fuck me harder Sir! AHH MMM- ” He spanks Ivy, and whispers: “Dirty little sluts. Are you enjoying this?.” He cums into Emma’s throbbing pussy, sucks Ivy’s nipples, then inserts the vibrator into them again. “DO NOT take this out today. I’ll see you naughty girls after school.” The girls look at eachother, breathless and shaking. “Wow. This was amazing.”
You wanted a sex story? Well I hope this make you horny ;)
by umidklmao October 10, 2021
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An erotic story that is meant to turn someone on. Sometimes called erotica.
This is my sex story
I quietly follow her to the bathroom, peeking through the keyhole as she walls in. She slowly and seductively un-buttons her shirt, as if she knew someone was watching. Her shirt fell off her shoulders, revealing her lacy, red bra. She pulls down her mini-skirt, along with her panties, revealing her perfect ass. She slowly unclips her lacy bra, revealing her huge tits. I feel a bulge in my pants, and i unzip my pants. I quietly remove my shirt and boxers, feeling myself. As she steps in to the steaming shower i can’t hold back any longer. I burst into the bathroom, hearing a yelp from her glistening lips. I grab her inner thighs, slamming her against the shower wall. She kisses me passionately, running her fingers through my hair. I waste no time, and position my dick in front of her visibly throbbing pussy. I penetrate her, and I feel her legs wrap around my waist as I penetrate her with my rock hard dick. I start thrusting into her and she moans very audibly. She throws her head back against the tile walls, and digs her nails into my back. She starts panting as i start thrusting harder and faster. “AH!! I’M GONNA CUM!” She yells. I feel the thick, sticky liquid drip onto my dick as she lets out a satisfied moan. She french kisses me passionately, twirling her tongue around my mouth, I kiss her back passionately, playing with her boobs. We pause for a moment, both panting and drenched. We both smile, and I feel her fingers crawl up my neck. “Round two?”
by heyeheyeheyeheyeheyeheyeuehehe December 8, 2020
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I watch as she walks over to me. She whispers in my ear
“I know how you feel about me”
I don’t even think twice about what I do next. I pull her in and kiss her gently. She lets out a small moan.
We kiss while she strips me of my clothes, I help her with hers. I feel her tongue against mine. She tasted sweet and her kiss felt soft. I then feel that incredibly soft tongue of hers make her way down my body and find my clit. A small moan escapes my lips and I can feel her smiling. I feel her begin to rub faster at my clit and a series of moans leaves my mouth as she does so. Her finger meets my body and I immediately enjoy the feel of her finger inside me. A louder moan leaves my lips, which causes her to give a small moan as well.
“I think it might be your turn…” I whisper softly to her
“Maybe in a moment, I like to hear you moan” She responds quietly
About five minutes later we swap places. I start by kissing her softly, then I move down her body slowly, knowing that it makes her happy when I’m slower. My mouth finds her pussy and I begin to rub at her clit, gradually getting faster and faster. When she begins to writhe beanthe my touch I thrust my fingers inside her and a great moan escapes her lips. I stop for a few moments so she can catch her breath, then I start up harder and faster than before. She moans so much that I get giddy.

We continue for a few more hours until it’s hard to continue. We fall asleep together, naked, in each other's arms.
You horny now?

I am straight, but I felt like writing a les sex story......
by It rly be like that May 14, 2020
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Me and my best friend were watching TV when a sex scene came on. I was already horny and she was too..She crawled over to me and slipped off my sweatpants along with my underwear. I moaned a little bit in response. "I wanna hear you moan my name louder," she said. She shoved two fingers inside of me and started off slow. I moaned louder. "HARDER FASTER MMMMM," I said. She got faster and harder and I was close to cumming. "I-im about to cum.." I said. "No hold it in love," She got even faster making my pussy tighten. "PLEASE GO FASTER NNGHH!!" she got slower in response. She took her fingers out of me and ripped my bra off me and started to suck on my tits. I moaned loudly. She went back down to my pussy and started to eat me out. "Nghhh," I said. She aggressively put her fingers inside of me and started to pound in and out. "AAAHHHHJ HARDER OMG ," I said. She got slower. "Say my name darling," she said. "M-MOMMY PLEASE GO FASTER," I said. She got faster and harder making my moans fill my room. She finally let me cum and sucked it till every last drop.
by h0rnyl1ttl3f3ck November 24, 2022
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A story of sexual intercourse, usually resulting in the reader becoming horny.

Here’s my sex story:
We run upstairs to my bedroom, both knowing what to do. We reach the bedroom and jump under the quilt. Whilst there, we take our clothes off and peek under the covers, jeez his cock is huge, I thought. He starts fingering me, rubbing at my clit, getting faster and faster until I moan with pleasure. He stops and goes inside me making me moan even louder. OH GOD HARDER FUCK ME HARDER I scream. He starts thrusting and thrusting, faster, faster OH OH OH I moan while this goes on, he’s moaning quietly too. Then I scream, OH GOD IM CUMMING and he tells me his dick is soaked. I tell him to stop and we roll over, my turn.

I start slowly, gradually faster and faster until we both moan so hard the neighbours hear us. I cum again, thrusting his cock in and out my pussy until I feel a sticky liquid run into me making me stop. Oh god I cummed he tells me I said, I know, your turn.

He goes again, up and down faster faster until I have an orgasm, we’re both shivering with pleasure when he stops.

We eventually get to sleep, soaked and still dripping, gripping eachother, me on his dick him with his finger on my clit, and when we wake up, we do it all over again.

Best sex story ever? You horny now?
by Bisexual idiot May 15, 2022
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Emily knew she was having friends over but she didn’t care. She had this feeling that had to go away. She pulled up some porn just to see if that would help.it didn’t. The urge got worse and worse until her hand went to see how wet her pussy was. She wet her finger and lightly brushed her clit; there was no going back now. She began to move her finger in circles on her clit as her pussy began to tingle.she was about to come. She was so ready, just then her best friend walked in the door. Monica saw her friend on the couch, and couldn’t resist. Monica grabbed her by the hips and began to lick her clit. Emily, came, hard in Monica’s mouth. This made Monica thrust two fingers into Monica’s vagina, forcing Emily into a shake, she let out a loud moan. “Oh my god, I’m still coming!” She yelled.
Just then, the next friend walked in the door. Mark. The girls couldnt top, so mark just stood and watched for a moment before pulling out his dick and started to nail Monica. Monica was so wet, so ready, she could not hold in the the sound of her pleasure. She reached up and grabbed Emily’s boobs as she felt marks dick hit her g spot. As she was about to cum, mark got off of her, and laid on his back. He put Emily on his dick and Monica on his face. As he licked Monica’s pussy and Emily road his cock, the two girls moaned and screamed. They both just kept coming. Finally mark came in Emily’s pussy and she screamed and came on him. Monica, barley able to hold her self up, wiggles and shook as she came one last time on Mark’s face. Then, they all staid in their possessions for a moment just to put themselves back together. The were all so amazed by the sex they had. There’s a sex story for you :)
by Letsgetit69 October 12, 2021
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