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Some one who has failed Sex Ed. at least one time and has been, or currently is, pregnant; usually a teenage girl.
Wow, look at her, she got held back twice AND she's pregnant.

Ya I know, she's a Sex Fail.
by PyroDarkness September 08, 2008
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1)someone who doesn't understand a condom and is now currently screwed because they are prego and cant afford an abortion

2)when you make and elaborate scheme to get laid and opportunities don't work out or plans fall through

3)having an opportunity to get laid and and not taking it

4)see ruby shotgun
1) did you see that girl she is a total sex fail

2)Alex: so how did things go with that girl i set you up with?

Derek: they were good until my came in and asked if we wanted anything to eat

Alex: Total Sex Fail!!!

Alex: d

3) Anthony: what happened with that girl last night?

Gus: she was all over me but it was against my personal morals

Anthony: SEX FAIL!!
by BLKEAGLEKREW December 05, 2008
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