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tiny particulates (when the love juices mix with lint or any type of fabric) that accumulate on the blanket under two people having sex. (usually easier to notice after the act is finished)

Rub your blanket next time if you don't believe it.
"wow we had a good one there"

"yeah we did, feel all these sex balls!!"
by astronautpen January 21, 2008
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(n). a ball made of sex. Used to describe an especially sexy person.
(v). like ballin, only sexier.
Ron: That girl on the beach was such a sexball in that bikini!
Ethan: That's a dude.

Ron: That's ballin!
Ethan: Nah, man, that's SEXBALLIN

by The Auctionear March 02, 2009
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A ball which is placed on the end of a yo-yo as a counterweight, in order to make it easier to do epic tricks. It also make it significantly easier to hurt yourself while yo-yoing. A feat which few have accomplished.
John: "Dude, how'd you do that crazy-ass trick?!?"
Joe: "It's all thanks to my sexball. Pretty awesome right?"
John: "Did it hurt when it hit your hand?"
Joe: "Like a bitch, bro."
by DeeBombDotCom1264 March 11, 2010
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