A champion from league of legends. In short, he's basically a half-human half furry streetfighter. He switches from his left to his right each time he swings. He can then empower his fists just to fuck you up some more. Once you deal damage to him he stores it up and just returns it all back to you in like 10 seconds. That's like a whole fucking Kamehameha. It's like that I will come back stronger than ever type of thing. Yeah, then once you think you escape no, he just grabs you in and proceeds to beat the shit out of you, AGAIN. All in all, I love Sett, but he's a total assnut to go up against.
You dirty ass Sett player. -Random gangplank that fought me.
by SuperSuperCereal April 13, 2021
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A sett is the collective noun for a group of twats
Ohh look there's a sett over there.

Ohh look Of course Mara's in the sett
by Fredadactyl October 14, 2013
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To top somebody off
“Yo Rey just got his shit sette’d in the locker section.”
by Jeremy’s Bear (JereBear) January 29, 2018
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Bruising on your lower palm opposite to your thumbs, where your hand rests while using your mouse while gaming. Surrounds the area of the carpal bones and can cause a dull pain when not in use.
Fuck dude, I think I have Sett Bruising from playing League all night.
by notragebunni February 12, 2021
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