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A mythical creature that appears to sesh on every full moon. Instigator of majority of sesh-related chaos. When the sesh has finally ended, this despicable creature reverts back to it's human form, only to reemerge on the next sesh.
Goddamit *name* you got into a fight with the barman over a spilt VK. You sesh gremlin.
by Sesh_Gremlin3000 October 13, 2016
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Someone that lives for the sesh. You will most likely encounter one of these people in a kitchen sniffing some ket off of their keys in the early hours of the morning after a proper naughty sesh.
"Harry is such a sesh gremlin. He lives for the sesh."
by SeshGremlin1 August 22, 2017
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A sesh gremlin is a mysterious creature from the sesh . They usually are found in forests, at the 24 hour garage looking for cheap beer , at about 6:30am on a Monday.

The sesh gremlin is a true master of the sesh and knows every trick to always make a Rollie out of thin air when everybody is passing out from train wrecks of comedowns. A sesh gremlin is a hardcore sesh head that rarely sleeps, and is a saviour in the rave community.
"Bris-Tek was fucking insane! So many cool heads and sesh gremlin 'sman hahahahaha..."
by Ravingmuppet February 06, 2018
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