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A South American slang word meaning to have sex.
"Te doy serrucho"
Literally: "I'm going to give you a saw"
Slang: "I'm going to have sex with you"
by WTactualF May 15, 2017
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South Am. Spanish slang for a guy who is always undermining others or trying to defame them. In its literal sense the word means saw. More specifically, a person who is trying cockblock another person. From "serruchar el piso": to saw the floor (a person is standing on) leading to their downfall. Probably has its origins in cartoons where a character is standing on a wood floor and one can see a saw working a circle around them
Roberto told Jazmin I went out with a friend of hers. What a serrucho!
by Greystoke78 November 14, 2011
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