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A male name meaning the zoroastrian god of wisdom which is commonly placed on girls by illiterate parents.
People named Sepanta have phat dicks, so be careful if its a she.
by Mr.wiseguy93 November 13, 2018
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A woman who is beautiful and hardworking. Sometimes indecisive, but usually ends up making good decisions in the end. Anyone would be lucky to have her. She loves animals and likes to make people happy. She don't need another man, but her boyfriend
Person 1: Who's that?
Person 2: That's my girlfriend Sepanta
Person 1: Damn bro, you're lucky!
by JayceTheAce January 03, 2017
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Foreign girl who's shy at first, but can tolerate her liquor. She's a very low key person and often gets bored. She normally doesn't look for long lasting relationships but one day may fall in love with a guy who's head over heels for her. A Sepanta at times will be unsure of her feelings. People named Sepanta are often great in bed and value the size of their partner.
person 1: I got my heartbroken

person 2: By who?
person 1: A girl named Sepanta
by Kittylover95 November 03, 2016
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