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An Immortal being, his curse is that he cannot die; this sounds like a blessing, however the Senura is doomed to a life of Brown due to his roots in the Brownian civilization. The Senura Possess Many talents such as the fabled "brown magic" a variation of the standard colour spectrum magic, however this magic is very fickle; it does not work when commanded, and sometimes activates randomly. This leads to the Senura unlocking doors he doesn't need to go into by simply standing in front of them, and yet he cannot open an unlocked door when he actually needs to get in. In conclusion, the Senura is a magical being of legend and if one were to exist, it would surely be forgotten very soon.
Person A: Is that a Senura over there trying to get to that easily accessible door?

Person B: Looks like it, but they aren't supposed to exist...
by Balack April 13, 2013
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