The slut who dated my husband when we were married.
The unholy one was in Wal-Mart today. I saw her and she just stared.
by Chair forced biotch September 21, 2017
When something is bad and you just don't like it.
"This snow is so never stops."

"You're unholy T.T'"
by casanova!who'scasanova? March 21, 2010
Sinful; Wicked.
That unholy magazine has the best photos.
by H2O RIOTS June 16, 2021
when somthing is so faul smelling looking or sounding that you kneel prey for it stop or go away it is unholy
john took a unoly dumb and forgot to flush
by tom November 12, 2003
person who spends far too much on a wank shitty little escort. His alloy wheels probably cost more than the entire car, yet he still spends more doing it up. Also spends gd know shw much on repairs each week
see also: townie and Kev
unholy is a fag....KEV
by Bas- April 30, 2003
The female anus, as opposed to the vagina; exclusively used in a sexual context. Used to stress the forbidden nature of ass play compared to vaginal which is considered "vanilla"
Girlfriend: I'm feeling dirty, how about we try something kinky tonight?
Boyfriend: What did you have in mind?
Girlfriend: I was thinking that instead of using my pussy we try it in a slightly more Unholy hole.
by Brunette Anal lover December 5, 2016