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Semper Games is a religion that aims to improve oneself through a rigorous, nonstop schedule of prayer, drinking game fuel, and most importantly, gaming. This is all in hopes of achieving the state of Semper Gaming, an eternal, neverending "flow" (a psychology term that describes a mental state in which a person is fully immersed in what he or she is doing) that grants superhuman gaming skills. jihadjerry (may peace be upon him) has achieved this and shown His use of Semper Gaming twice for His world records for the highest jump in both Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3. After shocking the world with His records, He has then started the Gaming Revolution and the Gaming Jihad. They are not movements that are comparable with the evils of this world. They are righteous movements with the intent to help evolve true gamers into a higher state of gaming existence. More information about Semper Games, the Gaming Revolution, or the Gaming Jihad, are available through videos of sermons by jihadjerry, gamesmasterjasper, or any other prophets of Semper Games (may peace be upon them) which are hosted on YouTube. Semper Games is also uttered as a phrase by Semper Gamers which proudly demonstrates the good camaraderie between them or to praise Semper Games and its many blessings.
Semper Games is the light.

After I converted to Semper Games, I can now perform masterfully at video games and win world records.

I have just established a world record in Super Mario Bros! Semper Games.
by Medieval Man May 02, 2009
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"Semper Games" is a phrase created by a group of sarcastic gamers that troll Youtube for sheer entertainment. They created the icon of their group, Gamesmasterjasper, who is the forefront for their cult-like tendencies and somewhat sarcastic videos. They have hacked several Youtube user accounts, and spend most of their time complaining about insignificant things on their forum site: Gaming World Forums.
Step 1) A video about a game system is posted on Youtube.

Step 2) Gamesmasterjasper replies with a video claiming that the gaming system is bad or unworthy of the gaming community.

Step 3) Gamesmasterjasper's followers(the Semper Games group), proceed to type repeatedly in the comments "Semper Games" while simultaneously giving a negative score to anyone that disagrees with them.
by DanBearPig August 27, 2008
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A retarded racist gaming revolution created by "Gamesmasterjasper" on youtube
Guy #1: Yo man did you here about them semper games on youtube?

Guy#2: Nah fool I aint no virgin nerd

Guy#1: Yea me neither yo, but this GMJ guy is a racist! He hates black people!

Guy#2: Nigga what?

Guy#1: Yea man he made this racist video of lord of the rings makin fun of black history month!

Guy#2: Lets go split dat niggas wig yo!
We aint takin none of this racist virgin nerds bullshit!
by shotgun1 July 10, 2008
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