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When a man sees some-one hot and gets a half erection
When your penis grows bigger but it doesnt go upwards like a normal erection and is therefore a half erection giving the name semi-rection
Dude 1: Man that girls hot!
Dude 2: Shes ayt ive only got a Semi-rection

Dave: Man my balls are so small so im going to try to get a Semi-rection to make it look bigger.
by Superjordz September 02, 2007
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when a pienes is not fully erected but somewhat stiff
my d*** was bigger than a softy but smaller than a boner..... semirection
by gangsta4lifeXD June 06, 2011
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When the phallus is in that often uncomfortable state of half-formed erection. Usually softens if the possesser requires it to be hard, and vice versa if he is in an uncomfortable situation for an erection.
Wearing tight jeans, Bob sucks in his stomach in the hopes that his semirection retreats into placcid-hood.
by whereareyougoingwithmycookie? February 11, 2013
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