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The act of recreating in a masturbatory fashion to one's own image. Typically, Selfsturbaters are addicted to both the act of taking a selfie and the act of masturbating.

Selfsturbation is associated with rising levels of vanity and narcissism in youth, to the point where seeing one's own selfie or reflection causes the sex drive to activate. The end result is selfsturbation, commonly viewed as a logical way to release sexual fantasies focused around oneself.
"Wow, I can't believe he spread that vicious rumor about you getting a nose job!"

"No kidding! He must spend a lot of time selfsturbating."

Selfsturbation, while not one of the seven deadly sins, is comprised of pride, sloth and lust, in one not-so-neat, despicable package.

I accidentally walked in on my teenage sister selfsturbating, just moments after she uploaded the selfie in question onto Facebook. I can no longer look my sister--or her profile pic--in the eye.
by Sweetsauce June 21, 2015
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