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The belive that you yourself is your own God.

Each and every person is their own God, hense you are a God. You worship yourself, and worshiping any other God, ie (Budda, Jesus Christ, Allah, any other religist person) is a false idal, and is a sin, to one self. Noone should worship you either, only you shall worship yourself.

You have the power to create life (sex = baby)
You have the power to take life (murder)
You have the power to create somthing out of nothing (Invention)
You have the power to make your own life path (Choices)

Again YOU are your own GOD, belive in yourself, your body is your temple.
In selfism your body is your own temple, worship within.
by Drewnin June 18, 2011
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Created by philsopher Gelb, this philosophy consists of the literal belief in ones self. Selfists do not believe in a god, but believe that each person is their own god. Selfism practices toleration of others. This is because if each person believes in themselves, people should celebrate their beliefs because it is a part of them. And they are a god (BUT they are not your god.) Selfists are the most amazing, positive, and confident people you will ever meet. Hands down.
Person 1: "Oh wow that person's so cool and confident and amazing. I wish I was him."
Person 2: "Yeah, that's because he's a selfist."

Person 1: "Selfism seems totally awesome and open minded. This is probably the best idea I've ever heard of."
Person 2: "Omg I know right?!?!!"
by KattyGee June 18, 2011
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