Adult, virgin, questionable lowest iq, interested in internet girls
This guy Zack is a real Sekie.
by Thepredatorslayer June 2, 2022
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'Seki' is a slang word coming from the Samoan language, meaning 'cool', 'skux' or 'sweet as'. Used by most pacific islanders migrated to the US, New Zealand and Australia
by therealkingn3gus September 23, 2018
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That's a seki top brah

Had a seki time dox
by Northsidecertified February 1, 2020
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one sexy fine piece of asian ass
thats a good seki... i want some of that!
by BALALALALA December 5, 2007
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He’s a bot. Watch out he can attack at any moment. The scariest human being alive
by Sekadius April 29, 2019
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