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I've always thought the 32X was a great idea, but ruined by the incredibly mediocre line-up of titles. Most were Mega Drive ports, such as Toughman Contest, Mortal Kombat II and WWF Raw.

Hell, all EA changed in Toughman Contest 32X was their EA Sports logo and a clearer sound effect. They may as well have got some surplus Mega Drive stock and rebadged them as 32X.

It's also quite sad when there's more titles canceled than there were released. The 32X almost had a decent line-up of games. Oh well.
Metal Head
Stellar Assault
Star Wars Arcade
Virtua Racing Deluxe
Virtua Fighter

These are pretty much the only games that shown what the 32X was capable of at the time. The rest of it's library consists of ports of existing Mega Drive titles that bear little to no change.
by Jacko August 22, 2004
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