A person in their later stages of life (senior citizen) who experiences or exhibits a renaissance of freedom, creativity, and social engagement similar to those usually present in a person's teenage years. Often characterized by sudden obsession with life-long background/dream interests (dancing, sailing, antique cars, beauty, art) and joyful but troubling carelessness and wreckless socializing.
My 70 year old mum is acting like a total seenager, dancing 7 days a week, listening to loud salsa music and constantly obsessing over her latest boyfriend.
by acrystacat November 12, 2021
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pronounced "seen-a-jer"

scene or scene x was orginated by teens/people on the hardcore scene of music. used to describe a certain subculture of people

basically a play on words of the words "scene" and "teenager"

thought up by alan chen while sittin on his couch
seenagers listen to hardcore/metal/grindcore/screamo/punk
by Alan Chen July 7, 2006
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A senior teenager

Born on a leap year, February 29 (52 years old or 13 in leap years)
by DalyLife March 2, 2020
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