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Proper Noun - this is the proper name/classification of what poeple have called/classified a person who does not belive in a God or Gods as an Atheist/Atheism. Since Atheism is considered to be a "religious fellowship," this completely contradicts the very purpose of a Secular Realist. A Secular Realist or Secular Realism is a person/classification in which evidentual facts supporting theories and ideas hold more improtance and impact on their life far greater than any belief system in a God/Gods. Secular Realist/Secular Realism charges Theism/Religion to the rules and regulations of the scientific method and merit it to have no factual supporting evidence. This finds a Secular Realist confounded as to how someone could belive in the unexplained by non answers accroding to a logical system of testing and questions that is not only highly accepted, but highly supported by even religious communities, Secular Realists call it the Scientific Method.
"seriously people, stop calling me an Atheist. I am a Secular Realist, and no it is not a religion nor is it an anti religion!"

"Secular Realists do not believe in Intelligent Design."

"Because i am a Secular Realist i tend to trust scientific theories over having faith."
by METAL BLOOD July 09, 2009
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