When an overweight man with a beer gut is performing the position of "doggy style" , his gut will sometimes interfere with the depth of penile penetration. He then picks up his gut, sets it on the females rear end and slides in farther for the " second stage " .
I got her all worked up , picked up my belly and gave her the second stage !!
by Trbobuick December 2, 2011
When you get high you go through different stages. The 1st stage is when you're really really stone and you can't stop laughing. After that you get very hungry and you can't stop eating....this is what we call the second stage.
Guys this joint made me feel really hungry I think I've reached the second stage.
by Kappa in Buda September 8, 2005
Second Stage Turbine Blade:

1: Noun. the row of turbofans in some jet engines

2: Noun. The first album released by the Progressive Rock Quartet "Coheed and Cambria", comprised of Claudio Sanchez, Travis Stever, Mic Todd, and Chris Penne. The album was released in 2002. at the time, Josh Eppard played drums, rather then Chris Penne. It was re-released in 2005, with three bonus tracks: Elf Tower New Mexico, and two demos: an accoustic demo of Junesong Provision (with a sound bite from Evil Dead 3) and a lengthened version of Everything Evil, the latter containing also a hidden song entitled "IRO-bot", which had been featured at the end of Godsend Conspirator on the original version. Two singles were released for this album, Devil In Jersey City and Delirium Trigger

2002 Track Listing:

Second Stage Turbine Blade
Time Consumer
Devil In Jersey City
Everything Evil
Delirium Trigger
Hearshot Kid Disaster
Junesong Provision
Godsend Conspirator

2005 changes
Time Consumer altered
Godsend Conspirator altered
Elf Tower New Mexico added
Junesong Provision (Accoustic Demo) added
Everything Evil (Demo) added

3: Noun. The first track off of the above album.
Person A: Dude, I saw Second Stage Turbine Blade at Bestbuy!

Person B: did you buy it?

Person A: No, I already owed Jason 40 bucks, so I persuaded him to give me another 20 and I got Live at the Starland and In Keeping Secrets instead.
by XaleManix March 1, 2009