The hardest year of a black persons life.
*Job Interview
Boss - So, Jamal what level of education do you have?
Jamal - Sheeeitt son, I got a second grade diplomaa son.
Boss - Sheeitt nigga, mcdonalds is around the corner, son!
by sirgfx June 3, 2006
An all-encompassing word/phrase which is mainly used to describe something that took place in second grade of elementary school typically with some chums. Also rarely used with a severely negative connotation and can even be derogatory when used against a small person or a dog to describe male genitalia.
Boy fine dine doe #1: yo remember when we flipped off our rabid a** teacher and Shem back flipped off the meatloaf in homeroom?

Boy slick nasty wit it #2: yooooo!! That was totally back-in-the-second-grade!!!!

Boy fine dine doe #2: OMG OMG LOML I’m such a lumpy weeeeeeen! That was definitely back-in-the-second-grade!
by Bro Jake March 16, 2023
An insult that is immature or really just what a kid would say. A typical second grade insult is saying "you're gay" to a person.
Guy 1: "I got some cool shoes today!"

Idiot: "Dude, you're gay"

Guy 1: "Wow, you're reverting to a second grade insult?"
by ImmediateAce March 3, 2014
When you have a crush on someone but would never actually date them. You might throw stuff at them talk shit about and to them and "flirt" relentlessly but when the other person begins to show actually feelings you bolt. But secretly you will always have a hard core crush on this person
Anna often through erasers at Mike and called him a tool and a loser but secretly had a second grade crush on him but would never let anyone find out.
by Toolishness March 3, 2014