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The best Jamaican artist ever to be form by VP RECORDS & ATLANTIC RECORDS!
Born as Sean Paul Henriques in Kingston, Jamaica on January 8th 1975.
His backgrounds are Jamaican // Portuguese & Chinese.
His mum is a famous painter and his dad is a business man!

And Sean Paul not white you fucking pussy’s!
He’s mixed race!

Sean Paul is a hustler & a Player but not a stayer.
He bubbles with girls and gets Woody’s over them!

For all those mother fuckers, who think Woody means like a Timber // carpentry thing… well fuck you, you dickheads, it means to get an, erected dick, like a boner!

And to all of you dickheads who are jealous of Sean Paul, he released 2 albums and a DVD! And I know you don’t know what they are called,

1st ALBUM is called = STAGE ONE
2nd ALBUM is called = DUTTY ROCK

1st DVD is called = DUTTYOLOGY

And don’t be dissing VP RECORDS // ATLANTIC, cuzz you pussy wholes think, they signed a fake Jamaican, when they was the labels, who form, Sean Paul!

And stop copying Sean Paul’s video “Like glue” de dance, “Elephant man“!
I ain’t dissing you, or anything but it looks like you copied de dance!

And Sean Paul never copied “Beenie man’s“ video “Bossman“, Tanisha Scott choreographed it! You dumbo’s!

So knuckle up! you haters, cuzz this ain’t no joke, Sean Paul and Dutty Cup crew with fuck you up!

dutty yeah!
by Rizwaan October 19, 2004
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