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Seagrass (n. )is a genre of music that features songs that have ambient, laid-back, acoustic, calming feels to them.

The term "Seagrass" was coined by combining the terms "Bluegrass" and "Sea". However, Seagrass music sounds nothing like hillbilly hoedowns or the ocean. It just sounded good.

Seagrass music is often associated with the colors blue, gray, or brown. People who listen to Seagrass are often ostracized for their eclectic and sometimes lame tastes in music.

Popular Seagrass artists include (but are not limited to):

1. Iron and Wine
2. Joseph Arthur
3. Norah Jones
4. Death Cab for Cutie
5. Sufjan Stevens
6. Nico
7. Enya

Laurie: I'm gonna go listen to some Seagrass and chill out.
Marissa, Zoe, Emily and Ali: ....Okay, you go do that.
by HDSHJDKSAJLDSA September 28, 2007
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