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A small city in Kitsap County Washington, home to hillbillies, meth addicts, and a handful of cool kids. A few years back, it was the place to party, but since cops are cracking down, they've died out significantly. Remember Doyle's Pit? It's ancient history. Definitely a place to get bomb weed --if you can find it, that is. All of the good dealers have slowly leaked to Bremerton.
Jeannette: Hey, do you have Amber's number? I need a dub.
Jessica: Nah, she took off to b-town.
Jeannette: GAY!

Nicky: Did you hear about the party out at Dylan's house?
Jeannette: What? A party in Seabeck? That's pretty fucking rare these days.
by JDizzle.FoShizzle July 19, 2009
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