this term can be used when seeing a fat girl with a pot belly that resembles a sea-cow.
by RayraySav&&Emz August 15, 2009
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/si/ kou A female of large stature, most commonly identified by the presence of FUPA, Back Breast, and Dunlap vaginal disorder. many species are described as having a beard with pubic follicular likeness.

Sea Cows are predatory creatures, known for cutting in line at barbeques, spaghetti feeds and public buffets. Sea Cows are attracted by the rattle of ice in a Diet Pepsi cup or the crinkle of an empty chip bag.

Sea Cows Typically live in first floor dwellings and tend to use public transportation as automobiles tend to be tight quarters due to their large stature.
while i was in line at the buffet i was bitten by a feeding sea cow
by bmslyer June 9, 2011
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sea cows are another name for the sea creature the manitee, although recently, in boston, 'sea cow' became a popularly used term to describe a fat chick.
all these bitches in boston wear babydoll t-shirts and low rider jeans, with their guts all flapping over the beltline, they look like a bunch of sea cows!
by Aretha April 21, 2004
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you may think its a sea creature ,but its not. its the fattest woman at the ymca doing water arobics. actually it could be a sea creaure . if you are in water arobics make sure that you stand next to her because this makes you seem not so fat.
hey girls ,do you se that sea cow? glad im not her
by N berg March 25, 2007
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a large bitter cow shaped women,usauly a manager of a restaurant,or some one who has access to corndogs,and fried foods,a vermont sea beast! that feeds herself with other peoples misery.
a very very LARGE women,who snacks on other peoples men!this sea cow just gobbled up my man!
by February 26, 2011
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The shape formed when big, white, unflattering underwear rides up high over a woman's mom jeans.
Check out the hot whale tail on that chick!

Oh, yeah? Check out the sea cow tail on her mom!
by Dr. Charles Dromedary April 13, 2008
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A "Woman" of Hideous size usually with facial hair, 2 or more pairs of boobs (back titties are acceptable) and an odor that could singe the hairs off a fly's ass.

Normally found amongst a group of unattractive women you wouldn't be interested in, these beasts are kept around to give dynamic to the herd in order to find an willing, or at least unconscious mate.

Take particular care in approaching a land-sea cow as it has tendencies to react differently to attractive males/females usually overtly friendly(M) or aggressively(F).
*done with an old "sea dog" voice*
"Ya-har, that be one of the terrors of the deep, risen to run buffets out of buisness"

"Mommy, what's that?!"
"That's a Land-sea cow, stay away it might mistake you for food."
by Explorerdude. August 16, 2011
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