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Tea bagging your girl with a salty, tangy scrotum after you have been swimming and frolicking in the ocean.
Rachel and I went behind the dunes and I did a little sea-bagging.

Although my scrotum was taut from the seawater, I still managed to give her a sea-bagging she would never forget.
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by Eaton Holgoode June 08, 2018
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When playing a game like sea of thieves or a similar pirate game and you tea bag another player at sea.
That random wouldn’t leave the game so I put my balls in his face till he left, sea bagging was the only way.
by Dipdip potatochip May 22, 2018
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See Bagging is when a male sailor engages in vertical, backward, upside down sex with a smaller gymnastic female. It begin with the more typical cunnilingus position and as the female is satisfied she goes over the left or right should of the sailor, slowly inching down his back so he is careful to not let go. Eventually she is like the duffel bag thrown over his shoulder, but then she works her way through his buttocks, between his legs where she helps him to the point of satisfaction through oral maneuver.
"She was so impressed with the sailor's standing oral technique that she went over his shoulder and started Sea Bagging him.
by Madre D September 01, 2013
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